Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Voter Registration

The election is just around the corner and the race is heating up in Colorado. I really want to vote and want to exercise my right so I went to the Colorado website to see what I needed to do. I downloaded their form and followed the instructions in there. I hate forms because it stresses me out not because they are so difficult but because I hate spreading my information out. Anyway, I did it anyway because I want to vote. I signed it, closed the envelope and sent it by snail mail.

I waited and waited. I thought maybe they were just too busy so I was patient. One month later, I still did not hear anything. I did not receive a return-to-sender note as well so I was feeling really disappointed. Two months later and I still did not hear anything. I called the Elections Division in Denver and they referred me to the El Paso County Elections Division. The lady I spoke with said they could not find my name in the system. Wait a minute...what happened to my mail? I asked her what could have happened to my mail. She could not answer my question. She said that if the Elections Division in Denver received it, they should have sent the information to the El Paso County electronically. Oh, really? So, I followed the instructions provided on the form I downloaded online and it did not work.

Now, I am really worried. I entered my personal information in that form. What if somebody lost that letter. I feel like I was giving away my home address plaques or an address sign to a potential identity theft with a bonus social security number. I hope somebody is not using my information for fraud purposes. I really hope not!!!

Speaking of address sign, check for a variety of address plaques or signs.


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