Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am bored. I don't watch TV shows that much anymore. Some shows like Criminal Minds (which I like so much) play old episodes. I don't know if they are playing new episodes now. I gotta check that. Some other shows are just blah. I watch news most of the time. Sometimes though, they talk about one story over and over again so it gets annoying.

My other option is to go to Netflix and watch movies online. However, the movies available aren't so interesting. I love romantic comedy movies but their is nothing worth watching. It is very disappointing.

Well, my third option is to play online games. They are very addicting by the way. I used to play a lot online but it resulted to a bad headache from eye strain. It was not good. I used to play a lot of the Online Word Games like the TextTwist 2 online game. I kind of put this activity to a minimum now because of my kids and for my eyes.

I am bored but thanks to a space called "a blog" where I can type my random thoughts.


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