Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthday and Wine

Yesterday was my husband's 34th birthday. I surprised him with a birthday card. I taped it in his car's steering wheel and he saw it right before he started his car. In the evening after his work, my kids and I surprised him with a small birthday cake. The cake was not very good but he said it is the thought that counts.

We had rotisserie chicken, vegetable salad, rice and corn for dinner. It was simple but we ate a lot. We had a bottle of wine as well. I did not drink that much but my husband drank the rest of the wine. I asked him why he needed to drink them all. He said wine relaxes him so I just let him. I thought, we're celebrating his birthday anyway.

My husband likes wine. He bought two bottles of them a week ago and they are all gone now. Maybe I should get him a wine glass rack and a wine furniture for his easy access.

Will it be a good idea? Mmmm...I am not sure. He may want to drink wine every night. I don't care if he drinks red wine often because it is good for the heart but doing it every night is something I am not sure about.

I love those hanging wine glass rack and bar glass racks but I don't have that much space in my kitchen. Yes it is a bummer. Maybe we can have our little bar downstairs someday so if we have to celebrate (like my big 3-0 in a few years) then we will have wine right away.

Happy birthday my love and I hope you had a great birthday.


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