Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Brown Skin and the Beaches

It has been over a month since our visit in the East Coast but my skin is still very brown. We had so much fun walking around under the sun in the beach that's why I got tanned. I like this color really. I am not complaining. It is just that I can't believe I am not peeling or anything. I guess I did good with the lotion and stuff.

I don't mind going back to the East Coast someday like maybe vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. SC is a good place to visit I heard. I went to just to get some ideas and some photos. It looked inviting to me. I also checked the Myrtle Beach hotel reservations just because (like we are going on vacation lol). I just like the feeling to do it. Can't you tell I want a vacation again?

I love the beach. I just like the sound of the waves, the wind, everything. I miss our Maui days. We used to walk on the sand by the shore every evening. We also used to just talk or eat while watching the sunset. It was wonderful and I can't forget it. Memories... My skin never got lighter. I was so tanned while on Maui.

Enough with Maui. Are their any more activities to do or places to visit in Myrtle Beach or near Myrtle Beach? I just Googled Myrtle Beach Accommodations and there are a lot of options. I hope and pray that someday we can go there.


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