Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Golf

I don't know how to play golf. I mean real golf. I played once in the mall but that was not a real golf golf. I have not been in a golf course in my whole life. So, why am I writing about golf? That's because I want to experience how to play golf and play in a real golf course even just once in my life time. Alright. This post is getting annoying now. Let's get to the point.

If you are in Myrtle Beach and you are looking for a quick round of golf with your family or friends, just visit and you will find a lot of information. If you are also planning a Golf vacation, that site is pretty good too because it has information about car rentals, airports, restaurants, hotels or spas for a great golf experience.

I went to check that site and the very first thing that I looked were the prices or rates. I took a glance at the Myrtle Beach golf rates page. I love how they list the golf courses in alphabetical order and with their rates. I also went and peeked at Myrtle Beach golf packages just because I like to save big and this site did not disappoint me.

Have a great weekend everyone. Spend time with your family and maybe play golf. That would be fun. I need to search this site some more. Talk to you later.


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