Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Our lives have been really bumpy these past days so I am kind of just reading (semi) brainlessly. Is that even possible? All I want to do in life is to feed my family and be happy but lo and behold a bumpy road comes along. It is alright, though. We won't give up. We will just focus on the future and not the past.

Right now, I am just reading some web hosting news at I want to learn more about web hosting, CMS, owning a domain, control panels, etc. I also read some Web Hosting Reviews specifically under 1&1. I don't understand why they have four stars for this site for customer service. Seriously? My experience with 1&1 is another pothole in my life. I will talk about that later. Other than the rating for 1&1 that I don't agree with, the site is pretty good. I read and learned about The Connection Between SEO and Writing under their blog.

I hope what I learned today is going to stay in my head. I am still kind of in a fog but I am still trying to be productive.


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