Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Seminar For Me To Get Wealthy?

While I was scanning through my mail Thursday night, I saw the word "FREE" from the corner of my eye. I guess it was just my human instinct to see what the "free" was about, so I turned and picked the mail up. It said "Free MP3 Player" for the first 50 callers to book the seminar with the Online Trading guru. Still curious (because that's me), I opened the booklet and read what they had to offer. It said, there is no fee to pay and this is once in a lifetime.

I hear a lot of those promises on TV. The so-called Millionaire guru is going to guide you to financial freedom. Call the 1-800 number and change your life now. The master is going to help you step-by-step for you to earn money fast and you can work full time or part time anywhere you want or at home with your family. Don't waste your time, call now. Do they sound familiar to you? I hear those a lot because I sleep late most of the time. They usually come on at 10PM or later. It sounds too good to be true but I still give them a chance so I listen. I am glad I didn't fall into the hole though because after I read the reviews online, all I see are unhappy campers.

I don't want to tell you that all of them are scams. I think some people out there are really successful. Maybe they are just lucky or really really good. Some write articles or use Google Adwords to promote the products for commissions, some blog for Google Adsense and some do trade online successfully with the help of an Online Broker.

I opened that free seminar booklet and read it again. I thought maybe I should go and listen to what they have to say because I really want to earn extra money online. The seminar is all about Stock Trading though and I am not so sure if I am really interested in this field. So, I decided to toss it to the trash. Do you really make lots of profits with that? I was unsure so I just did not waste my time with it.


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