Monday, October 4, 2010

My Son's Learning Experience

My son is in preschool already. Time flies so fast. I feel old. He learned a lot in preschool like calling 911 for emergency, how to spell his name, and other good things. He is not so shy anymore about singing and he writes letters and numbers on his preschool book a lot now. I am so happy also that he can play with other kids his age once in a while. He goes to school three times a week for $180 a month. It is not bad considering the good quality education they provide.

My son is going to turn four pretty soon. He is excited about it. He even said that he wants to be five now. He is funny. He wants to grow fast which I really don't want to happen. I want him to enjoy being a kid and not as a grown up. I love my son very much. It is so exciting and fun to watch him grow and learn.


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