Monday, October 11, 2010

The Sun is Shining Today!

The sun is so happy today. It is shining so bright. The wind is calm unlike yesterday. I love it. I have to wear long sleeves and extra sweater though because it gets too cold especially if the wind picks up.

This morning, I saw the sun peeping through our curtains so I opened the curtains and looked outside in the yard. I was impressed with what I saw. Our beautiful roses were like so happy that the sun was shining. I love our backyard. I am glad we invested some in there.

I want to get an outddor planter, a hanging planter or maybe an indoor planter someday soon. I just want to make our house look more relaxing and beautiful with the plants and colorful flowers.

My kids and I sometimes stroll around the neighborhood and I usually try to check our neighbors yards. I usually look at their outdoor planters, rocks, front porch, etc. Most of them did a very good job and I sometimes dream about what I should do with our yard and porch. I told my husband what I noticed and he would just say maybe after the winter. Maybe he is right. I should wait until maybe Spring.

Oh I love the sunshine. Maybe I'll let the kids play in the driveway again this afternoon. We need to take advantage of this before the snow season.


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