Friday, November 5, 2010

Affordable Halloween Costumes

I know it is too late for this but it is better than never post about it at all. We had a good time trick-or-treating last week (until we dropped the digital camera and damaged it for good). My little girl wore a Penguin Costume while my son wore a Nascar outfit. The penguin costume was a hand-me-down. My son had it when he was one year old. My son's outfit was only $5 from Albertsons. I bought it because I thought he would only use it once so I'd rather buy the cheap one. So, I only spent $5 for their costumes this year. Yey!

A lot of people thought my penguin was so cute especially with the penguin feet. My little guy was just so content to trick-or-treat and seeing other kids. They loved it so much. They had fun and worked so hard for their candies.


-=einz=- said...

yup! cutie penguin... adorable =D

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