Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buy Gold

Gold has been in the news recently for setting record highs. At the date of this posting it had a closing value of $1368.60 per ounce, about $65 off its five year high of $1424.30. With the value of the dollar dropping by the minute, gold is looking like it could even go higher in value in the coming months and years. This has many investors turning to gold for asset protection and growth.

There are several ways that you could choose to invest in gold. You can purchase and hold the gold coins and Gold Bullion in your safe deposit box or home safe, or now you can even have a portion of your IRA be held in gold, actually gold. This is not paper stock in a precious metals company, rather you get to have the actual physical gold on hand in your possession.

Imagine the comfort in these trying times of being able to hold onto something worth more than paper. For most of human history it seems every human culture has realized the value and the comfort holding this metal can bring. Imagine how much better you will be able to sleep at night knowing that the gold coins or Gold Bullion you have purchased, weather you invest it in your Gold IRA or not, will never be worth nothing. Not even the Grinch will be able to ruin this coming Holiday Season for you.

Are you ready to Buy Gold?


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