Thursday, November 4, 2010

Go Take A Shower

My husband recently installed new shower heads at my mother-in-law's house. That is one of the few things around the house he can do well and quickly (although this time he left a bite mark on the shower neck in the master bath, lol). It got me to thinking about my life in the Philippines where our life was simple and our shower heads were wide mouth buckets with water in them, at least until we had running water installed in the house much later in my life.

I guess you could define buckets as low pressure shower heads. They are not as easy on the eyes as the shower heads I have linked to, but they are effective none the less. You are able to get yourself clean in a very inefficient way unlike the modern low pressure shower heads that allow you to clean your self in an environmentally conscience way. Although you don’t get that cold rush of soapy water massaging the top of your feet like you do with buckets.

When I was young washing at the local well, or in my family's wash room, I would have never dreamed of something like handheld shower heads being in my home. Yet, I actually experienced the joy of a handheld shower head when I was married in Hawaii. The control this gives you over water is absolutely amazing. No more soapy arm pits. You can direct and control the flow of water however you want. Of all modern shower heads, these are the closest I can find to a bucket.

Oh the joy of showering. It is one of the few times that I can be alone with my thoughts. It does not matter to me if I am under a high or low pressure shower head or if I am using a handheld shower head as long as I am alone and in a soothing/relaxing me moment.


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