Monday, November 22, 2010

Weird Dream

I had a dream the other night that I thought was a little bit odd. I was in the kitchen cleaning my butcher block countertop. I had just finished prepping the prime rib I was cooking, and I was rinsing the blood from the meat into the garbage disposal mounted in my stainless steel kitchen sink. I just happened to look out my window and notice my neighbor dressed up as a rat sitting in his adirondack chair.

This is when the dream got really weird. As I was admiring the adirondack chair my neighbor dressed as a rat was sitting in, we switched places. He was now standing at my stainless steel kitchen sink in the bikini my husband bought for me last winter. I was sitting on the butcher block countertop covered in oil being peppered and salted. My neighbor then proceeded to pick me up and place me in the oven.

As I was beginning to cook in the oven, the unmistakable aroma of bacon began to enter the room. That is when I woke up. My husband was already awake and he was cooking breakfast. Pretty weird especially considering I don’t own a bikini, a butcher block counter top or a stainless steel kitchen sink. Come to think of it my neighbor doesn’t own an adirondack chair or a rat costume... Sometimes I just wonder where this stuff comes from.


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