Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Books and Other Things

I am going to drop the box off today in one of the mailboxes. Carrying them won't be easy because there are nine books in the box. My husband has old textbooks and he said to sell them online to get some money for Christmas. I went to Amazon and checked how much they were. Amazon wants the textbooks and the total bucks I can earn from them will be $101. It is pretty awesome.

We need more money these days. We have to cut some services like maybe Netflix or DirecTV because I don't use them. My kids only watch DVDs like Elmo's World or Baby Can Read. I can live without movies online or movies every week. So I told my husband to just cancel them. It won't be a problem.

Life definitely has some twists and turns. My family will potentially move again to a different place where my husband works. We have to find a new place, pack our things, get one of those residential mailboxes, find a job for me, find a school for my little boy, find one of the address plaques that I want (naaahhh this one is not so important)....lots of stuff. It will be an interesting 2011 for us.

We may have to have somebody rent our house out here pretty soon. We can't afford two mortgages. I hope we can find somebody. My husband will be looking for new place out there where his job is. I am really excited and at the same time nervous about this stuff. It will be all new for my kids. They will be away from their grandma. (*Sigh) I will miss this place very much but our family needs to be together. Grandma will just visit us whenever she can.


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