Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ups and Downs

I received an email from my husband one day at work asking me if it was okay for the whole family to go to 3 Margaritas (a Mexican Restaurant) for dinner. I like 3 Margaritas so I said yes. I finished my work and excited to eat some beans again so I was smiling when I got to my mother-in-law's house where my family was. I noticed the sadness right away when I saw my husband's face so I was not sure what was going on. He later told me that he might have lost his job.

It felt like the happiness within me came out from my body and went flying as far as they could. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I did not know what I was feeling really. It was just like a snap. My husband was doing really well at work; His employer flew my family to DisneyWorld, All of a sudden, he was sent home for some unknown reason. I could not grasp what the new situation meant for us, our family, our kids. This was two months ago.

My husband has since found a job...a job that requires him to be away from us. I feel really sad because he is not always with us but at the same time happy because he has a job. What choice do I have? He likes this job very much so I can't stop him. Also, I need him to have a job to support us.

I hope that we can get through this fast. I miss him all the time but I hope this challenge will help us get stronger everyday.


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