Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Car Maintenance

I went to Firestone today to get an oil change, tire rotation and alignment for my Ford Escape. I called them first to get an appointment because I really didn't want to leave my vehicle in the shop overnight. I made sure they had a schedule open earlier this afternoon so I scheduled mine at 3:00 pm (other options are 4Pm and 5Pm). I went there and told them what I needed and they said it would take 2 hours to complete it. I had no choice but wait for it. Good thing I had my laptop with me. So I waited in their lobby area while watching the TV. I also played some computer games just to kill the time.

While playing some computer games, I heard someone talking really loud in the background. It was one of the customers with two kids. She had sort of a speech problem so it made her voice really annoying. I mean, I shouldn't say something like that...I know. She was waiting for her Subaru to get done.

I got bored with my computer game so I stopped and looked at the maintenance guys working in the service dept through the glass. I saw that they were working on a car probably a Mercedes-Benz C300. I am just guessing. I am not really a car expert. They were so fun to watch so I did that maybe for 20 minutes.

It was 5:00 PM and they still had not called my name or my vehicle. I got more anxious so I talked to the service guy and he said they are finishing up. I hoped so. I was getting so tired. Probably about 5:20 PM, they finally called my last name. Aahhhh, deep breath. Finally done. I paid and then the service guy gave me this piece of tool. He said I should keep it in my glove box. He said something about lug nut. It did not make sense to me so I just said okay. I will talk to my husband later, I thought.

Ohh... tired. I was driving to my in-law's house to pick up my kids and I was behind a vehicle maybe a Lexus Gs-450 going 30mph in a 45mph speed limit. I was getting so impatient. Can't you at least drive the speed limit? It was maddening. I just stayed behind it because I thought I was close my destination anyway.

I picked up the kids and then went home smoothly. Now, the kids are watching their favorite video. Oh, I am glad that errand is finished at least for now. So what is next in my list?


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