Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Girl Fell Off The Bed Again

My little girl fell off the bed when she was less than a year old. She cried really hard because it probably scared her. Last night, she fell off the bed again. Our bed is not that high from the carpet. She fell down on her head first and then went to her back. She screamed for a moment and then stopped. She then rolled to her tummy and started kicking but no screaming. I went to pick her up and I saw her eyes closed and just not crying or anything at all. I thought that was unusual for her not to cry because she usually cries her lungs out. I started patting her back and called her name but she wouldn't open her eyes. I saw that she was breathing so I was not sure what was going on with her. I held her up and called her name again but she was still acting like she was asleep. I started to look for my cellphone while I was talking to her and touching her head for any signs of trauma. I could not find any red marks, cuts or bumps. She opened her eyes and then just hugged me. I went to get the flashlight and pointed the light to her pupils and the movements were alright. After that, she wanted out of my arms and started playing.

I was not sure what happened. Was she just acting or embarrassed so she closed her eyes and acted like she was asleep or was there something more serious? I don't know. Right now, she is playing with her brother and she is acting like normal.


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