Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saving My Pictures

Recently I started to burn all my pictures to CD. I needed to back them up just in case my 10 year old Dell decides to quit on me. Now after burning disc after disc I find out that we had a stash of DVD-Rs in the basement. The extra storage would have made this process much easier and well using DVD duplicators I could easily make copies of the DVDs to send to my parents.

Now my parents will have to wait until I can get my hands on one of the new CD printers and print pictures of their grandkids directly from the CDs. They are not the most technologically inclined people, and sending them files to print just does not work as well as if I do it for them. They can follow instructions, but it is just easier to print them pictures from here, and send it to them in the Philippines.

Now if I could find them resources and help like this online DVD Duplication Guide, I would feel a lot more comfortable with them doing things themselves. Until there are resources like this available for everything I would need them to do though, I will have to take care of printing pictures of their grandkids for them. I have to admit though, while I am doing this I really am enjoying the trip down memory lane. After all, isn’t that what the pictures are for?


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