Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family, Health, And COPD

When my husband was working at WalMart there was a door greeter who he really liked. She was older as most WalMart door greeters are and she was sickly. He did not know this at the time, but she displayed many COPD symptoms and suffered greatly. He knew that she had struggles with the altitude in Colorado and always wondered why she did not move to somewhere lower in altitude where the cost of living was less than Colorado Springs. One day, after an extended absence, she disclosed to him why she would not move from Colorado.

Despite the availability of health information about her struggles, her children did not want to hear that there was anything wrong with her. It was obvious she suffered, but they did not want to hear it. They told her if she left the state for health reasons, she would never see her grandchildren again. This pained her greatly and made my husband wonder how sons and daughters could be so cruel.

Watching my children with their “Noni” I can not imagine denying them the joy of being with their grandmother. Yet there are some children out there who will use their kids as a bargaining chip to keep their parents where they are convenient to take care of. What the heck is wrong with some people? Thinking back on this I almost miss living with three generations under the same roof, like I did in the Philippines. For all the advantages my generation has here in the United States, they have really lost sight of what is important.

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