Friday, January 14, 2011

Who is JK Adams?

Perhaps he is the man of my dreams, tall strong dark and handsome. Perhaps he is rich and stable and can hold down a decent job. You know the type of guy who will open doors for you, or lay down his jacket so you can walk over a paddle. A knight fit for Arthur’s round table. Does such a man truly exist?

JK Adams wine rack is always full of the best Cabernets, Merlots and Chiantis. The blushes are always in stock and your glass will never go empty. Yes, JK Adams knows how to treat a woman right. Nothing but the best wine and finest dining for the woman who chooses him.

Only the finest spices fill JK Adams spice rack. A gifted chef will know the scents of rosemary and bay leaf and perhaps even cumin the minute he walks into a JK Adams kitchen. He will know how to use them to spice up even the most banal of dishes. A JK Adams kitchen has the simple elegance of home yet produces a gourmet taste. JK Adams pot rack is always full of the finest herb… OH WAIT… JK Adams does not make THAT kind of pot rack… Maybe we should just stick to the other fine JK Adams products… Yeah those other things…


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