Friday, January 14, 2011

My Potty Power Review

Toilet training my son was definitely a challenge for my husband and I. My son was so stubborn he would not tell us that he had pooped or peed in the pants. He would just stay in the dirty pants until we'd smell the stinky air. We started getting serious about the training when he turned three. I would get really impatient (and upset) because I really hated cleaning his number 2. One day, I searched for a video about potty training that he could watch. He loves videos so I thought maybe I should buy him a video to encourage him to go potty to the bathroom by himself. That's when I found "Potty Power".

This video got my son interested to go to the bathroom, sit on the big potty, flush the toilet and wear an underwear. He saw the big kids in the video doing that so he probably thought perhaps he should do it too. When little sister came along, he went a little bit backwards. I am not sure. I got worried but we made him watch this video as often as he wanted (made daddy crazy) to get him back on track.

In July and August last year, we had sort of a strict potty training so he could go to preschool. This school wants kids that are potty-trained and do not use pull-ups. We only had those two months to get him fully trained. My son got trained and was ready for school by September with the help of this video.

I really love this video. My daughter is starting to watch it and she now has the interest to sit on a potty chair. She actually grabbed some toilet paper from the bathroom tonight and then sat on the potty chair while watching this video. It was hilarious. I recommend this video to all the parents out there.


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