Friday, January 14, 2011

Wine Opener

My husband and I like to drink wine when we are together. Sadly the last time he was in town, we only had one glass together. Maybe two...but it was not nearly enough. I know his drink of choice is beer, but he does know how to pick a wine (Thank goodness because I am not good at it). Unfortunately we do not have a nice wine opener like these rogar wine openers. You see, my husband is into function over form. If it works it does not matter what it looks like. I guess that is something that I like about him, but it can sometimes be annoying.

He does not realize that as a woman, I need something with form, not just function. I would love to get something like this champion wine opener. This is something to be proud of, and it looks like you put some thought into entertaining when you bring guests over. I also like the estate wine opener. It just looks so formal.

Well at this time though, I'd rather drink wine than think about wine openers. Having wine means having my husband with me (because I only drink wine with him). I miss you my husband and I can't wait to drink wine with you again!


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