Monday, February 28, 2011

Which one works?

I ask that question a lot especially when I shop for beauty products. It is really hard to find the right product because there are hundreds of products to choose from that promise the same thing. Plus, a product might not work because of some other factors like heredity, environment, lifestyle, etc. Oh, it is very confusing sometimes just like finding the right Acne product.

I am very prone to Acne. I guess it is just my blood or my busy life right now. I will get breakouts when I get so stressed out (as a working mom). I hate it. I mean who loves pimples, right? I thought I found the right product but nope...I still get those breakouts. Make up can cover them but I just want my face to look and feel healthy.

I was looking at some Murad Coupon Codes earlier. I was wondering if this product works for me. Can someone tell me please if their product is good? They also have this product called Resurgence which would be a good product to buy for my mom.

Oh, life as a woman. My husband would be shaking his head.


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