Monday, February 28, 2011

Driving the Chevy Aveo

My husband rented a Chevrolet Aveo for work. It is probably one of the cheapest in the list. He got that yesterday but he and co-workers realized that they need to haul equipments today. My husband asked me if I could drive the Aveo for a while so he could use my Ford Escape to haul equipments. I told him it was fine.

I am not complaining or anything but the Aveo feels like a bait. It is small and I could feel stuff from underneath while driving it. It was not a good feeling. I have been driving the Escape for a few years so the Aveo experience was rough. I drove it for the first time today to drop off my son to school.

I am glad it is just a rental. I would not want to own this vehicle.


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