Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weather and Water Damage

Due to the inclement weather these past weeks in many parts of the country, our office has gotten several water damage claims. I am one of those lucky (cough*) representatives that processes those type of claims. I like to help people you know but sometimes some of them throws the frustration to us, the representative on the phone. I understand what they have to go through but the screaming gets me. Some callers though are very calm and positive and thats when I like my job.

I heard that Florida is the only state that did not get snow so good for them. I bet most people wished they were in Florida. I like Florida. It is probably one of the best states to live in in my opinion. Well, I should not say that. They get pretty good hurricanes, too. That would be more water damage for us at work. I guess water damage is anybody's nightmare.

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shengy said...

thanks for the tips

watadid said...

i love florida too

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