Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't Sign Up For Pinnacle Security. Read my bad experience.

I'm so mad today. Everytime I call their customer service line, it gets disconnected (this happened 5 times so far). I signed up for Pinnacle Security a month ago for me to have a peace of mind. I thought their product package is better than ADT and it is more affordable. I was so excited that I could have an image sensor in the house so I got an image sensor in the package. When the installer started installing, he told me that the image sensor was defective so he left me with the motion sensor instead. Well, I am going to have to pay $2 more in the monthly bill because of the image sensor I signed up for so I called their customer service to see if I could get that image sensor (i really like the idea to take pictures and one of the reasons why I signed up for them) taken care of. I was transferred to their scheduling dept and was put on hold and all of the sudden my call got disconnected. I thought maybe it was my cell phone signal. I called again but then it happened again - call got disconnected. It happened thrice. The good thing was that the third rep called me back. I thought that was the last time i'd have to go through that.

The technician came (one week later) to install the image sensor. I thought everything was good. I left the house for four hours, came back and did not notice any problems. When I armed the house, my alarm went off. I was worried. My doors are locked, glass not broken but the system says my alarm sensor was tripped. I did not do anything at all. I called Pinnacle's tech support dept to see what's going on. He said the alarm went off because I did not disarm my alarms earlier. Well, the tech/installer of the image sensor was testing it earlier but we disarmed the system when the alarm went off. The tech support rep on the phone told me to press the disarm button again and it should be fine. We hung up. I armed the house and the loud alarm went off again. It said, image sensor. Aaraganggh!!!!!! I called tech support again, explained (again) what happened and he had the same reasoning. I was so impatient at that point. He said that he does not see that my image sensor went off in his system. I asked if the image sensor could be defective and he said no. I think what he was trying to tell me was that I was hallucinating or making up stories. I said, well why dont you listen to the alarm over the phone and see what you think. He said okay. I armed the house and the loud alarm went off. He could hear it over the phone but the alarm was not communicating in their system. Meaning if I had an actual burglary, nobody is going to know except the burglars and maybe me and my kids. (Why the heck did I sign up for a security system?). So he believed me at that point. I can't believe that I had to beg for these people to listen to the issue. He said he was going to do something on his end so the image sensor wont trigger the alarm but no. Alarm continued to go off. He was going to have a technician call me the next day. No one called. I had to work (full time job) so I called again to schedule a tech to come the next week and fix the sensor.

That day came but no one called or perhaps if I missed the phone call, I did not receive a voicemail message. I called the customer service (AAAHHHHH!) to check where the tech was. They could not get a hold of him. Seriously? I wasted half my day waiting and waiting. The tech called later, one and a half late from the schedule but I was already out of the house doing my other errands. They scheduled another appointment. Well, I had to work again. Another tech would be coming the next week.

That week is this week. Today, I got a voicemail message from Pinnacle Security saying that the tech is out on vacation. What? Aaarrrgghhh. I am a very new customer of them and I am very disappointed with their service.

If I were you, don't sign up for them. Save yourself a hassle. Now, I am worried if they can actually respond when an emergency happens.


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