Saturday, December 10, 2011

It Is Almost Christmas Again

I can't believe it. It is almost Christmas again. Can you believe that? Time flies so fast for sure. I don't have our Christmas tree up yet. I am not sure when I am going to be able to put it up. I have too much activities/parties, etc. I do have the lights already up though. Kids love to look at them. It is funny because they always remind me to turn them on at night.

I still have not started the gift wrapping. Ohhh dear. I have to do that really soon so I won't get behind. I have to buy some more gifts as well. It's so hard when you have two kids and you work full time. It's so hard to find the time for other extra things like gift wrapping. Oh well...oh well. I have to be organized now.


Rosemarie said...

hi sis, its been a while since my last visit, anyways, although its way overdue but happy new year to you and your family..see you around

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