Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Vacation

I am excited for our vacation in August this year. My boss approved my PTO for our 2-week family vacation. Instead of going to Anaheim, CA, we decided to go to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon plus more. It will be fun for all of us especially for my son who is more curious about things.

We are going to stay in a hotel with swimming pool, near hiking trails and lakes to go fishing. I am excited because I have not been to Arizona in a long while and I would like to enjoy the state.

My husband and I have not talked about getting a car rental yet. I have to tell him that if we do need to rent a car, we need to check the special offers first. I heard that they they always have low prices.

Have you rented a car with them yet? If not, check their site. It is very user-friendly. Check their special offers and you might get a great deal.


shengy said...

good luck girl...hope you enjoy your vacation..

tnx for adding me also.

blessedmom said...

hi there jojo! hope u have a great vacation in Arizona! that sounds so fun and exciting! don't forget to post some pics! :)

hugs to ur cute son! :)

mattscradle said...

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matts vacation to bohol thanks.

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