Friday, June 20, 2008

'ME FIRST' Mentality

Here I am again, laughing at these pictures that are spreading at work via email. I hope you learn something today. This is just the first batch.

'ME FIRST' Mentality

You gotta learn!


Mariz said...

these drivers are crazy...kakamadali ayan tuloy lalo silang na-delay, at naka-abala pa sa iba... dami ding ganyan dito sa dubai, a lot of drivers here are quite reckless...

hey tnx for the vote ha friend! i appreciate it! God bless and enjoy your day!

Lou said...

Well, haste makes waste...Grabe to LOL


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boy kuripot said...

Same thing happens at church pag uwian na. Pero pag holy communion nagpapauna. WTF? haha

Boy Kuripot (stingy) said...

Same thing at Church. Pag uwian na naguunahan palabas ng gate. Pero pag communion nagpapauna! Tsk tsk

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