Friday, June 20, 2008

Want To Be A Caregiver In Canada

I am sure there are a lot of Filipinos who want to work abroad especially to Canada, USA or UK. A kilo of rice in the Philippines has tripled after four years of living in the United States. Gas Price hits record high. Food prices are painful. What are you going to do?

My bestfriend is currently studying a Nursing Aid course for 6 months and is aiming to work abroad after she graduates. It might not be as easy as it sounds but at least she has this kind of plan. I am trying to help her by searching online about working in Canada. I found a website owned by a Filipina in Canada who married maybe a Canadian guy.

Check the site Nice Heart International.

They also have a toll free number of (877) 580-5198. I should call and see what they'll say. I am really determined to help my bestfriend and making sure she gets a good paying job.

If you have any idea as to where my bestfriend can apply or get an employer that can sponsor her, please leave me a message.

Thank you.


sollee said...

Hello I also have a friend who is enrolled now as a nursing aide...she wants to work outside the country as well when she graduate...she mentioned about a friend helping her find job abroad so I think I'll ask her first..

wootie said...

hi there.. i am the one interested of working outside the country. i am a nursing graduate. soon ill be taking the board exams, but if given the chance to work abroad at the soonest possible time, im gonna grab it... u got any idea already? i hope you could share it with me and others. thanks.. :)

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